An update for you, our valued clients –

2020 and the onset of Covid-19 have proven to be quite a challenge for all of us. Despite these challenges and through some trial and error, we have developed a system that seems to be working well so far. We are still open and available for appointments 7 days a week, though with an adjusted appointment schedule. We have been following AVMA guidelines and will continue to do so until further notice. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you when that will be. So currently and moving forward, our routines are as follows:

All patients are seen by appointment only. We are scheduling our appointments as to minimize contact between clients as they come and go from the hospital.

The morning of your scheduled appointment, one of the assistants will call you to collect your pet’s history and discuss and note any concerns or questions that you have. This is what they would normally do with you in the exam room. So there is no change in the process, it’s just being done by phone. At this time, we also ask that you provide us with a good mobile phone number for the doctor and staff to correspond with you during your appointment time. Please have your mobile phone with you while your pet is inside with us.

We are following “curbside” protocols, meaning – patients ONLY are allowed into the building. Clients are required to wait outside in their vehicle or on the chairs we have provided outside of the hospital. At your scheduled appointment time, we will meet you at the door and collect your pet and any paperwork or samples you may have brought with you.

We ask that you PLEASE do not leave, unless instructed by the staff/doctor, while your pet is inside with us. These are not “drop off” appointments, we need you to wait outside until we finish with your pet, the same as if you were inside. It hinders us greatly when we need to search for a client or wait for them to return to get their pet.

All payments are being processed by phone. We are not accepting cash or handling credit cards. At the conclusion of your visit, we will discuss the bill with you and collect your credit card number by phone. If you are uncomfortable with providing your card information to us from in front of the hospital, we will be happy take that information from you in the morning when you speak to the assistant. We certainly understand any concerns when it comes to your personal information.

If you need food or refills of medication, we ask that you call in your request either the day before or the morning of the day you plan on picking it up. We will take your order, collect your payment information and your order will be available for pickup later in the day. Please allow us that time to process your purchase. We are working with a very busy schedule and a small but very busy staff, so we ask that you please not just show up at the hospital or call from “a few blocks away”. When you arrive to pick up your order, please alert us by phone that you are here and we will bring you your order and receipt. If it will make it easier for you, we also have our own on-line pharmacy where you can order food and medications that will be delivered directly to your home. You can access the link through our website or at

Should the unfortunate matter of euthanasia be encountered, protocols will be discussed with clients on a case by case basis so we can do what is best to keep everyone safe.

We have been very, very fortunate that neither our doctor nor any of our staff members have contracted Covid-19. In order to keep not only our doctor and staff safe and healthy, but you our clients as well, we ask that you please continue to be patient, understanding and as awesome as you have all been. We absolutely understand the moments of frustration that accompany this “new normal” we are experiencing. We have many of those moments ourselves. But we are doing what we need to do, to the best of our ability, so that we can continue to be here and available to you and your pets. If there is anything we can do to help you navigate the process or to make your visit go smoother, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We remain forever grateful for your trust in us,
Dr.Steven T.Brigande and staff