Happy Spring everyone!

As you may or may not know, St.Francis Animal Hospital is a designated donation site for Pets of the Homeless. Our generous clients and neighbors can leave donations of pet food with us and we bring those donations to the local food pantry, Reaching Out Community Service, on New Utrecht Avenue and 77th Street. During last weeks visit to Reaching Out with a small donation, we were informed that the small bag of cans we dropped off was the only pet food they had in the pantry. The director said people have been asking for pet food and they have none to give. We found this absolutely heartbreaking. So we vowed, in the true spirit of St.Francis to help them with their problem. Besides reaching out to our personal friends, family, and vendors, we are reaching out to you, our clients. We have set up a donation basket in our waiting room so we can accept more donations.

If all of you, or even some of you find it in their heart to help those less fortunate, we will easily reach our goal of replenishing the pantry. Donations can be brought to us or directly to the food pantry. If you cannot make it in, food can be purchased through Chewy or Amazon and delivered to the hospital or the pantry. Any donation large or small would go such a long way to help the less fortunate members of our community. And of course and human food is appreciated by the food pantry also. So please, if you can, chip in and help us to make a difference.

Thank you